Leann from Santa Barbara

Leann had an awesome story! She had an experience with other dealerships that made her feel like the person she was buying her car from treated her differently because she is a woman! They did not disclose everything to her and assumed what she wanted to accomplish without really finding out what was truly important to her.

There is a really stinky stereotype in the car business that women don’t know what’s going on when buying a car! That stereotype is simply NOT true!


Two things to remember!

Number 1. Whether buying a car or not, women deserve to be treated with the upmost kindness and respect!

Number 2. They are detail oriented and want to communicate every part of the deal and are just as educated about the deal than anyone around!

Whether it’s your first time buying or your 18th car in the last 3 years, the Internet has made the car industry more and more transparent. It’s no longer possible not to be open and honest about your deals!

-Edward Tomilloso
Your Honda man

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