2013 Honda Civic HF

It Had come to my attention that if you want to find out about the Honda Civic HF model, you would have to find out through wikipedia!


No real reviews are on youtube or even on Honda’s website.

I decided to do a review myself. There was one here at Honda of Santa Maria this weekend. Here’s the video, ENJOY!




Special Customers



Here’s a cool story about some customers, my dream dog and a very memorible car buying experience!

Last week, Bob and Sheila from Los Osos, Ca came in and started shopping for a new car!

After test driving serveral vehicles- new and used, they decided on a Honda Civic.

After agreeing on the payment method everything was getting


sorted out for them to go into finance for them to complete the deal.

Being internet shoppers, a competing dealer nearby was contacting Bob to stop by their place to try to earn their business.

They had a good feeling about me, though. And for good reason.

Coming back after getting all the paperwork squared away, I approached the table where Bob, Sheila and their Daughter were seated.

They each had a mischeivious look on their faces. Almost embarassed a bit they admitted to pushing the square button on my Ipad which I had left on the table!

At that moment, they decided that they made the right choice doing business with me!

Why? Because on my “lock screen” is an image of a Boston Terrier wearing a Bow Tie!

This happened to be my favorite breed of dog and they also happened to be Boston Terrier owners!

They did not drive off with the car that day because there were accessories to install onto the civic.

To my surprise, Bob told me via email that they will be bringing PeeDee when they come to pick up the civic!

This turned out to be a very memorable experience! One that I appreciate and will remember for years to come!

Happy Valentines Day!




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