Car Buying FAQs

I realize that buying a car is not the enjoyable thing to do with your free time. It is an important decision that takes careful thought. I realize, as a car buyer, you may have a number of questions.

With this in mind, I have put together a list of FAQs. I hope this information helps you in your vehicle purchasing process.

Will your price quote change once I arrive at your dealership?

No, absolutely not. The price quote I have provided you is a real price on a real car you can really buy.

Does your quote include the destination fee?

Yes, our dealership prides itself on transparency. I will always quote our price with the destination charge in it.

Is your price quote negotiable?

I recognize that you wish for a dealership’s first price quote to be its best price quote. With this in mind, I ensure the price quote I send you is my most aggressive figure. However, if you believe my pricing is inconsistent with others you’ve received please bring them with you upon your visit. I will be more than happy to ensure you are getting the very best deal possible with your hard-earned money.

Will the price be lower if I pay cash?

No, whether you decide to pay with cash or finance your vehicle price will not change. I do not believe an individual’s payment method should influence the selling price.

How much do you think my trade is worth?

In order for me to provide you a definitive figure for your trade-in I must see the vehicle. A typical professional appraisal takes 20 minutes and can often be done while you are on a test drive. Overall, I am not sure what the allowance on your trade will be, but in the end the price will be fair and you’ll be happy!

What kind of interest rate will your dealership offer me?

Many new Honda vehicles offer special financing incentives to qualified buyers. In most cases, those who qualify and wish to finance opt for Honda special programs. Should the vehicle you decide to purchase not include any such finance programs, we use many competing lenders who are eager to earn your business with a very aggressive interest rate.

Must I service my car at your dealership if I buy it from you?

Although I have many services other Honda dealers do not provide, you are welcome to service your vehicle at any dealership or establishment you please.

How important is it to make an appointment before visiting?

It is strongly advised that you schedule an appointment with me prior to your visit. This will enable me to anticipate your arrival and ensure your greeting is prompt and your visit is quick and productive.

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