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  1. Hey Edward, thanks for sharing the video of the 2013 White Honda Accord Coupe. Can you confirm whether that particular car included the FHP suspension? Or was it simply the FHP skirt kit? Thanks!

  2. Gotcha. Stock height. Good to know. Looks pretty good with just the skirt! Do you know how much the skirt alone retails? Thanks again.

  3. Hey Edward,

    Thanks for posting videos on the new Honda Accord, I just got one a few days ago and I’m pretty excited. I was wondering if you could help me with a couple things.
    When pairing your iphone with Bluetooth, is there a way I can scroll through anything other than just album names on the touch screen? Such as artists, songs etc. Seems like I can only scroll through albums in alphabetical order.

    Also, do you have any idea when Honda will offer the Siri integration?

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Hi Edward–
    Has your dealership upgraded the audio system on the ’13 Civic LX to systems that would include Sirius/XM? Since I am a lease customer and want an LX with a manual transmission, I’m interested in upgrading to a Honda system that’s covered by the factory warranty. What are the costs involved? Have previous customers requested this before?
    P.S. Satellite radio should be standard!!!

    1. Unfortunately, the only way to get xm as a factory option, you must get navigation. It does however come standard on hybrid models. I suggest going aftermarket xm. It’s more cost effective that way.

  5. Is there a way to order the system (with nav I guess) through the parts department and have it dealer-installed? I just love the way a Honda stick-shift works, and automatics are too dull for me.

  6. Hey Edward. I watch your videos and appreciate all the useful info you share with others. I am interested in a 2013 Honda Accord EX with 6 speed MT. I currently have a loan on a 2009 Accord LX and still owe $12,000. I would love to lease the 2013 I mentioned above but don’t know if Honda buy it back for what is still owed on it if I lease the new one. I am looking for around payments of $240-260/ month but don’t know if that’s possible and 0 due on signing (0 down payment). That’s the only way I could afford it. Any advice or info? Btw I live in Richmond, IN but would travel far to get the deal I need to make this work for me.

  7. Hi Edward, I purchased a Honda Civic 2013 Ex Sedan about June, and I want to trade it in for a 2013 Civic Sedan Si. I did a few mods to the car such as new wheels, red calipers, and tinted windows. How much do you think I would be able to get out of the car?

  8. Hello Edward! Watched several of your videos on the 2013 Civic Si. Had one quick question, on the non-navi Si is it possible to get XM radio at all?

  9. Any updates on the new 14/15 Civic Si? Looking at the future + concepts on the Honda website it looks like the Si will be getting an updated interior, however the sedan looks like it’ll be losing its wing spoiler. Hoping if a dealer would know anything or have any dates on when more information will be released.

  10. hey edward just a general question, so I am currently working with a dealership here on the east coast, long story short Im looking for a 2014 ex coupe in either manual or auto. They found me an auto one and there is no lane watch and the seats are manual adjustment, my question is shouldn’t these options come standard on an ex. I looked at the specifications on the honda website and they seem to be. Just wondering what are your two cents, should I stick with them or go elsewhere? If I lived out west I would have worked with you, thanks for the videos btw very informative! Helped me decide on the accord!

    1. Thanks for the question. I’m at the dealership now and I’m looking at an accord Ex coupe as we speak! The vehicle does not have Lane watch.and it does have manual seats. It does however, have a moonroof and smart key entry and touchscreen. I hope this helps. That dealership it seems to be telling you the truth.

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