1184759_758173884211979_1750504049_nwho is your Honda man?

Edward Tomilloso is the Internet Sales Manager at Honda of Santa Maria. He does business right on the central coast of California where he was born and raised.

Edward has made it a point to make sure his customers are all well informed and have a truly exceptional experience when purchasing a new car.

Edward’s use of technology and personal style ensures that his clients get much more than just a product. They get value above and beyond the cost of ownership.

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  1. Edward, i just stumbled across your great website this morning. Your videos are very informative, I wish we had sales managers in NY like yourself!! I’m interested in trading my ’06 Si navi coupe for a new Si navi coupe. I’ve noticed everybody references the sedan’s changes but not the coupes (and non Si in general since not as made are built) Were there any changes made to the 2013 Si coupes compared to the 2012 (aside from the back up camera and Bluetooth)?

    Please clarify, song data is displayed only on the i-mid (not the navi screen)?

    1. Thanks. The videos are fun.

      Regarding the changes for the 2013 coupe,
      The interior materials have been changed.

      Now you have the soft touch stitched material along with a carbon fiber inlay.

      Thanks again for the compliment.

      Here’s a quick video I did on the civic si coupe.

  2. Hi Mr Edward.
    I am so happy if I show your YouTube videos.
    I am work with team here in kuwait city (GCc). I need same help if you can help me .
    I need more details about your experience for sales honda :).
    I think I want make YouTube for in arabic .
    Me questions is . What I can do about my customers here

  3. Hi edward congrat for this awesome blog, i have a question, i have an honda civic 2012 and i want to pair my Xperia z1 to the imid, i already had but i want to full view videos and all that stuff from my cell to the imid, how can i do this, please and thx.

  4. Thx, but i saw a video on youtube with a samsung galaxy s3 in full video on the imi, can u check this out?

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